Why do you have to purchase a domain?

Modern era of online content consumerism demands that you must own an online space through which you can publish content, meaning you will also have to purchase a domain name that is both an address and a way of branding your website. Considering that you are already paying for website hosting on a monthly basis, … Read more

Stay-at-home influence domain registration and new website boom April 2020

With many of us still under the stay-at-home recommendation and most likely working from there, we can say that April 2020 was challenging. For some, it was a really exciting month which had us create new ways to connect, communicate, and work with each other. The inevitable change in consumer behavior People being stuck at … Read more

What can you do when the .COM version of your website address has been bought by someone else?

Now, here is a situation I hope that I will never find myself in, when you forgot to renew your website’s domain name registration and now someone else bought it and asks you a four-figure price which is definitely out of your budget. The topic of this article is what can you do when the … Read more

How to start an online business

In the overall online business space both the large companies that dominate the market and small online businesses have plenty of opportunities for different profitable online projects. In the online space, no one can deny you your place in the industry, no matter what is your product, and with all the resources available online,  it’s … Read more

Domain Investing Trends in 2020

Trading domains is a niche business, with investing that developed over the last two decades, together with the Internet. Some of the domain investing trends which we would like to talk about have already been with us, while others are completely new this year-round. Partial (fractional) domain ownership investing The domains that hold the highest … Read more

Why .INC means business?

It is a piece of very interesting information that 25% of Forbes “Most Valuable Brands” have purchased a .INC domain name, including Fox, Nike, Dell, Apple, Beats, eBay … etc. Well, thing is that this domain registration is not nearly cheap, but it seems that it carries more benefits that out-weight the steep price. Who … Read more

Domain Trader Dictionary: Terms and Jargon You Need to Know

Much like any profession or hobby, domain investors and domain traders do have their terminology and jargon. Some of these terms are shortened, scribbled versions of their originals and look self-explanatory, though others will have you scratching your head. Important Domainer Dictionary Terms We would like to cite and explain the most important domainer terms … Read more

Price reduction for 1.1 million unregistered premium domains

Great news for domain traders and those interested to get a premium domain name! Starting November 5th, 2019 the “Donuts” domain registrar will significantly reduce pricing for roughly 1.1 million unregistered premium domain names. Parties interested in acquiring one such domain, starting September 5th, will be able to register any of these 1.1 million domains … Read more

Future Premium Domains

Most domain brokers and traders are mesmerized by the decade-old .COM domain marketing that they barely noticed how previously unknown top-level domains started to build momentum and the future premium domains. In 2019 examples of businesses using alternative domain extensions are visible everywhere,  albeit on buses in London, billboards in New York City, or online … Read more

Cybersquatting is a hot topic in domain news headlines!

Domain traders and brokers may be able to sleep a little bit better now that another cybersquatting is the case is over with Royal Caribbean Cruises losing a cybersquatting claim it filed against domain broker James Booth of “BQDN .COM” over the domain name “RCC .COM”. James Booth vs. Royal Caribbean cybersquatting case This particular … Read more

Artificiall Intelligence industry progress Mid-2019

Mid-2019 is a good time to take a look at current Artificial Intelligence progress, especially as we had the Amazon re:MARS a few weeks back. Amazon investment into AI Other than tech-savvy people involved with online services, many still are not aware that Amazon’s subsidiary Amazon Web Services made more money last year than McDonald’s. … Read more

Record set for a public domain sale?

In a relatively recent previous article, we have discussed strong domain trading (domain sale) in the first quarter of 2019, acknowledging that global economy and trading conditions are not ideal for high-profile domain trades, naming the three million dollar domain trade for California .com as the confirmed number one trade deal in 2019. Mid-year is … Read more

Domain industry trading strong in first quarter 2019

Global market conditions are not perfect with escalating US and China trade war, blockchain being used to shift the global economy, and artificial intelligence algorithm autonomous trading bot applying further pressure to stocks trading and different industries. One industry seems to be fairing much better than others, and that is the domain trading industry. For … Read more

6 most underrated website SEO trends

Did you ever feel your website has hit all the significant and well-known SEO targets but somehow the website search ranking is not a mirror of this perfect picture? It just may be that you have missed some of the underrated or miss-understood SEO factor which we want to discuss. Search engine optimization other than … Read more