Stay-at-home influence domain registration and new website boom April 2020

With many of us still under the stay-at-home recommendation and most likely working from there, we can say that April 2020 was challenging. For some, it was a really exciting month which had us create new ways to connect, communicate, and work with each other. The inevitable change in consumer behavior People being stuck at … Read more

Domain Investing Trends in 2020

Trading domains is a niche business, with investing that developed over the last two decades, together with the Internet. Some of the domain investing trends which we would like to talk about have already been with us, while others are completely new this year-round. Partial (fractional) domain ownership investing The domains that hold the highest … Read more

Why .INC means business?

It is a piece of very interesting information that 25% of Forbes “Most Valuable Brands” have purchased a .INC domain name, including Fox, Nike, Dell, Apple, Beats, eBay … etc. Well, thing is that this domain registration is not nearly cheap, but it seems that it carries more benefits that out-weight the steep price. Who … Read more

Future Premium Domains

Most domain brokers and traders are mesmerized by the decade-old .COM domain marketing that they barely noticed how previously unknown top-level domains started to build momentum and the future premium domains. In 2019 examples of businesses using alternative domain extensions are visible everywhere,  albeit on buses in London, billboards in New York City, or online … Read more

Searching for RG domain name registration?

With .COM domain namespace shrinking by the hour, new domain extensions gain popularity. Those that have their finger on the pulse of the domain industry, through statistic or search data, may have noticed that among the more popular domain searches is the one for .RG domain extension and domain registration. While the .RG domain searches … Read more

What is the best and the cheapest registrar for a .press domain?

.press is a front-page choice for journalists, bloggers, news corporations and magazines that cover breaking news. Build a stronger online identity, tell your story on a stronger platform! TLD PRESS Introduced 2014 Usage Press & News Websites Renewal Grace Period 40 Days Deletion Grace Period 4  Days Restore Period 30  Days Privacy Allowed Yes IDN Supported Yes, See Languages … Read more