Price reduction for 1.1 million unregistered premium domains

Great news for domain traders and those interested to get a premium domain name! Starting November 5th, 2019 the “Donuts” domain registrar will significantly reduce pricing for roughly 1.1 million unregistered premium domain names.

Parties interested in acquiring one such domain, starting September 5th, will be able to register any of these 1.1 million domains with the current pricing until November 5th when they will get the option to renew it with the much lower price for the next domain registration period.

This pre-discount period is intended for companies and individuals who wish to get their perfect domain before the discount period attracts bargain hunters.

Note that of these 1.1 million, 250,000 premium domains will have their price dropped to a lower level, while roughly 850,000 premium domains will have their price moved to a regular domain registration price.

Donuts registry portfolio consists of more than 240 domain extensions

The “Donuts” domain registrar notes that they had outstanding success with premium domains since 2014, and the decision to optimize and adjust prices on their entire 242 top-level domain portfolio is aimed to facilitate both their cooperative registrars business and make these domains more attractive to clients.

Pre-Sale period

The pre-sale period is starting on September 5th when domain investors, companies, individuals and other interested parties register domains before prices drop on November 5th. Premium domain prices remain the same in the pre-sale stage, but buyers will get a lower renewal price for these domains on the day the event starts (November 5th).

For example, when a buyer registers a premium domain that drops to standard pricing on November 5th, during this window the buyer will pay the existing first-year premium price but will lock in the standard price renewal going forward.

In a way, this pre-sale period is a chance for interested parties to pre-order domains that will receive a lower price on November 5th. A few of the registrars involved with this even are preparing landing pages.

Premium domain transition period November 1-5th

The best chance at getting the desired premium domains is entering into a pre-order program via one such registrar. Note that domains will not be available for registration from November 1-5th as registrars will be preparing for a transition.

Premium domain search with Donuts Inc

In this transition period, domains will be repriced at the registry but remain unavailable for general sale until November 5th. The “Donuts” automated reporting will be updated to reflect the new system prices.

Domain release to general availability

All impacted domains will be re-released (Unreserved) in bulk on November 5th  at 17:00 UTC. The registry platform will support domain drop catching at this time for any registrar that accepts domain pre-orders.

We hope this bit of news has found you promptly and you were able to get your perfect premium domain with “Donuts”.