6 most underrated website SEO trends

Did you ever feel your website has hit all the significant and well-known SEO targets but somehow the website search ranking is not a mirror of this perfect picture? It just may be that you have missed some of the underrated or miss-understood SEO factor which we want to discuss. Search engine optimization other than … Read more

SEO goals to pursue in 2019

The start of a new year is a time when we reflect on the year past and what we were able to achieve, while we are setting new goals for the year ahead. As a website owner, whether you are developing a personal or a company website, these goals are recommended by SEO professionals: Aim … Read more

Glimpse into Web 3.0

The end of the year is an emotional time when people review the year that is almost behind them and form expectations for the next one that is coming. While kids may be expecting presents, techies and website developers expect technologies that bring changes and innovation. Among one of the most intriguing “coined” tech trends … Read more