Why .INC means business?

It is a piece of very interesting information that 25% of Forbes “Most Valuable Brands” have purchased a .INC domain name, including Fox, Nike, Dell, Apple, Beats, eBay … etc. Well, thing is that this domain registration is not nearly cheap, but it seems that it carries more benefits that out-weight the steep price.

Who and why would register a .INC domain name?

A good domain name can be one of the companies most valuable assets, a true piece of online real estate. A domain name communicates so much to customers that find you, from their first impressions, a lot is weighted by the domain name.

The .INC domains are aimed and priced for businesses, and domain investors.

It is a great choice for companies that want their business to be taken seriously, with a site that bodes customers’ confidence with a strong and stable domain name, and with .INC domain name they will get it.

Talking about .INC domain extension, it is obvious that it is short for “incorporated”, a tailor-made domain for corporations and incorporates. it will communicate to your site visitors that they can ‘buy into’ you and your organization, albeit you’re an established corporation or a fresh startup looking to take on the world.

high namespace availability for domain registration

Fact is buying an equivalent pre-owned domain from an aftermarket reseller can be costly and time-consuming, while .INC saves you the headache of long and fatiguing negotiating with a private seller.

The greatest strength of .INC domain lies in its wide registration availability, where you are bound to find your company name perfectly matching domain. Because this domain registration is not cheap it will fend-off cyber squatters and domainers who would look to profit by registering a cheap domain and reselling it later for a five-figure price.

.INC club member benefits

Another reason to get .INC domain is that the registration gets you into the “.INC club” where members get a plethora of included free extra service with a total value well over the domain registration price.

These Members benefits will help you grow and promote your company, for no additional cost as long as you own your .INC domain.

Remember that your domain name is the embodiment of your companies online presence, and it truly defines your online business.

.INC domain registration requirements, and restrictions

A wide audience of company owners will be pleased to know that a .INC domain name can be registered by any individual or business, whether they are incorporated or not, and can be used for any purpose much like any other generic top-level.

The .INC domain operator does reserve the right to restrict services in a case of misuses such as unauthorized advertising, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, other forms of solicitation or infringing, impersonation or misrepresentation of any person or entity.

no costly reserved or premium domains

This set of rules is well within what is expected from a reputable domain operator, as they state that they “will fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing Intercap to disclose the identity of anyone violating these TOU.”

Conclusion – What you get with an .INC domain in the long run?

The mentioned restrictions are there only to provide strong credibility to the domain extension and conduct fair domain use, but the truth is that the .INC domains can be used for anything – from corporate sites to newsrooms, investor relations, employee portals, email, and anything other you can think of.

Compared to other popular domain extensions .INC domain registration is expensive, but there are good reasons why – it will eliminate any misuse by those looking for a cheap domain for a short-term scam, or spam website.

This domain extension means business

What you gain with .INC domain is instant credibility, recognizability in the top-tier business world and an elaborate set of free extra services included. It is a genuine premium domain aimed to build on your brand’s reputation.

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