Future Premium Domains

Most domain brokers and traders are mesmerized by the decade-old .COM domain marketing that they barely noticed how previously unknown top-level domains started to build momentum and the future premium domains.

premium domains offer certain benefits

In 2019 examples of businesses using alternative domain extensions are visible everywhere,  albeit on buses in London, billboards in New York City, or online presences for fresh startups that like the sound of original, innovative names.

A small retrospective

Looking back on the new TLDs in previous years, industry-savvy domainers would note how the 12 million new TLD registrations between 2014 and 2016 was a true milestone. This growth is tied to the acknowledgment of .COM domain namespace saturation and acceptance for ngTLDs.

This means that since new gTLD were launched in March 2014 the combined growth was a rough half million domains each month. Even if we split this number to the number of 900 new extensions (.club, .online, .life, .xyz … etc.) still the momentum behind these top-level domains is considerable.

Future Premium Domains?

In a future where mobile Internet browsing is the main source of traffic and progressive website apps deliver your website to one such device quickly and easily, lack of .COM namespace availability and a new generation of Internet users it was only inevitable that new generic top-level domains receive wide-spread use.

future premium domains are tied to PWA

New generic TLDs offer a specific way of branding your domain name without having a keyword domain, something smart brands will want to take advantage with a shorter, recognizable and memorable domain name.

Growth of a domain extension will lead to domain traders recognizing the value in one such, and offering them as after-market domains with popular domain marketplaces as well as brokers. Once this happens a domain name is made into a “premium” domain, and quite possibly even the registry will notice and flag the domain as such, keeping track on an uncertain drop.

Past, present and future premium domains

In all fairness, a few years ago it would be hard to convince a domain industry veteran that anything but .COM domain can be promoted to a premium domain but modern businesses need domain names that will stand out and help them establish a presence online.

Presently more than 380 top-level domains have a premium name reserve (names which are short, memorable and striking) that can be registered. By obtaining one you can get a great deal on a name that will stand out from competing businesses.

new generic top-level domains have broken the critical number of registrations needed for premium domains to become a reality

Thing is, if your favorite name has already been registered but no website is developed upon it, you may find it through some of the domain marketplaces. If not, then you can be sure some of the competing businesses was faster than you and registered it, aiming to deny it to you and others.


A great domain name can be a catalyst that enables your business or online project to become successful and unforgettable. Any future business worth it’s salt will transition from a responsive website to a PWA (progressive web application) and as such will require a short, memorable domain name.

Especially the small and medium business will not be prepared to purchase an expensive (premium) .COM domain name, and instead they will choose relatively affordable alternatives. These alternatives are mirrored with inexpensive “premium” new gTLD domains.

If you are a business with a near-future need for such domain, or a domain trader looking to invest and later capitalize, grab these affordable premium domain names while you still can.