Can you own a super-premium domain?

Average premium domain name value can range from $500 to a couple of thousand dollars, but every now and then we read about a domain sale with such an exorbitant price that it makes the hair stand up.

Admittedly, one of the most prolific domain traders, Mike Mann is the one who coined the “premium domain” term while the “super-premium” is a somewhat newer one with unknown origin but is nevertheless adopted by the domain trading community.

What is a super-premium domain name?

First, we need to answer, what is a super-premium domain name. A super-premium domain name is one that has a retail value of $500,000.00 (or more) and will very likely keep or surpass its current asking price in the future.

One of the first super-premium domain names is SEX .COM which sold for a hefty $14 million though in 2019 we have witnessed the most expensive (publicly disclosed) domain name purchase to date with VOICE .COM being sold for $30 million.

How are such super-premium domains recognized?

The super-premium domain names are one-word domain names, and that one word is a popular (dictionary) word combined with the .COM domain extension.

premium domain is a chance for making a profit much larger than any real estate investment can provide

Some domain experts would say that a super-premium domain name is a general keyword domain that receives very high traffic from search engines on a daily basis, just by people typing it directly into search engines coupled with a .COM domain extension.

Some other examples of super-premium domain names include: JET .COM ($3.3 billion), CARS .COM ($2.5 billion), INSURANCE .COM ($35,600,000), INTERNET .COM ($18 million) … etc.

So now we can answer: can you own a super-premium domain?

Because these super-premium domains are very short, usually one word with between 4 and 8 characters, we can assume that 99.9% of these domains are already registered and owned with currently popular domain extensions.

premium domain sales value is increasing year after year

However, new markets and industries are being developed every year, so it is reasonable to assume that some domains that are now worth less than mentioned 500 thousand dollars, could become “new” super-domains coined from a fresh tech, industry or business trend in the next 5 or 10 years.

The true endeavor toward owning such a domain name is to be able to recognize such domains and new technologies or trends before others do it, register or purchase such domains, and hold them long enough to be able to profit later.


Much like in real estate business, domain names that may not hold very high value today could be very valuable in the future.

Domain investing is a highly competitive niche industry and most who enter it are aware that they need keen insight into a business or industry niche for which they are aiming their registered domains.

If you are one such person with knowledge of a yet undisclosed tech or industry that will surely develop, it may be well worth investing a few dollars into registering and keeping a small number of select domains.