Artificiall Intelligence industry progress Mid-2019

Mid-2019 is a good time to take a look at current Artificial Intelligence progress, especially as we had the Amazon re:MARS a few weeks back. Amazon investment into AI Other than tech-savvy people involved with online services, many still are not aware that Amazon’s subsidiary Amazon Web Services made more money last year than McDonald’s. … Read more

Domain industry trading strong in first quarter 2019

Global market conditions are not perfect with escalating US and China trade war, blockchain being used to shift the global economy, and artificial intelligence algorithm autonomous trading bot applying further pressure to stocks trading and different industries. One industry seems to be fairing much better than others, and that is the domain trading industry. For … Read more

SEO goals to pursue in 2019

The start of a new year is a time when we reflect on the year past and what we were able to achieve, while we are setting new goals for the year ahead. As a website owner, whether you are developing a personal or a company website, these goals are recommended by SEO professionals: Aim … Read more