Brand protection for online business

So many companies are now present online and it is very difficult to create an original and unique digital brand for any kind of business, and especially a website.

Online reputation management is further burdened by a large number of social media influencers, albeit with low or high authority, combined with 3rd party review sites, it is a lot of weight.

All of this makes it increasingly complex to compete as a brand on the local, national or international market.

Business benefits of search result features

It is a fact that Google loves to provide a mixture of search results coupled with its own in-house features such as cards, rich results or snippets. Examples do include video and media content, MyBusiness and Google Answers and are usually referred to as mixed results.

online business search results

Every single one of them is an opportunity to strengthen your brand position within a specific segment of the search result page.

Social, SEO and paid advertising is of key importance for any online business

Talking about brand protection and management, we can say that a brand is relevant to an unknown number of “conversations” happening online, where a business needs to participate actively.

Social listening plays an important part in this, as does the ability to present your brand as greater value to the wider audience and community, both online and offline. Yes, you do want for people to talk about your brand and products, though in most cases you will have to entice them to do so with a smart social media post.

Paid, organic, and social media marketing mixed with the right amount of SEO and content will enable your social media resources to weave verticality through your online business search results.

Especially with the recent Google search result changes were, in some cases, we have 3 or 4 ad results before organic results, paid brand advertising is becoming a necessity.

online business domain registration ad results page

Paid brand advertising is relatively cheap to do because the quality score is very high and costs per clicks low and it maximizes the retail space in the search engine results pages reserved for paid advertising.

Build the brand business with content quality

One element over which you have total control is your site content. Content is the consistent element that joins all of the tactics mentioned and indeed it should be in focus.

Specifically, brand building content has a clear purpose and intent, but we do want to name a few important considerations, included:

  • Use an original set of product and brand information, stemming from your company research, that can be provided only by your brand only.
  • Showcase your company and personal professional expertise as the foundation for the brand.
  • Reiterate the benefits and advantages which your brand provides over the competition.
  • Entice credible, authoritative influencers to provide an honest quality review to new audiences while emphasizing brand benefits.

Every piece of content needs to revolve around a story that sheds a new perspective on your brand or product, and long-term giving more exposure to your online business.

After you master the understanding of how a content story is relevant to your audience’s needs you will enable your brand to build a more powerful relationship with them.


The time of “brick-and-mortar only” businesses has passed and every business worth its salt needs a commanding online presence that tells their story and provides credibility and authority.

I am sure that if you invest the right amount of effort into your SERP optimization and targeting, social presence and conversations, and high-quality content which tells an enticing story about your brand, you will be able to attain top-shelf business brand protection.