Searching for RG domain name registration?

With .COM domain namespace shrinking by the hour, new domain extensions gain popularity. Those that have their finger on the pulse of the domain industry, through statistic or search data, may have noticed that among the more popular domain searches is the one for .RG domain extension and domain registration. While the .RG domain searches … Read more

.BY Domain Names – Find Your Place Under Northern Sky

.BY and .BEL domain names are names of Belarus country. This is the place surrounded by land, and they have very live social lives, which made this country lately famous by culture, art, theater, and other cultural events, mapping them on the world stage not only by it’s cold, but nowadays, more of North-Eastern cultural … Read more

Anguilla .AI Domain Names

Machine learning and deep learning are a hot topic in modern business and both are a subset of an application of artificial intelligence (AI). New, emerging technologies push different domain extensions to come into the spotlight. While we have witnessed the rise in popularity of .io as the go-to domain for tech startups, now with … Read more

Promote Your Business With .AX Domain Name

Some Facts about Åland Islands and their extension, a .ax domain Name The .ax country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) is an extension that represents Åland Islands. Aland Islands is an autonomous province of Finland, where the official language is Swedish. The .ax domain registration is a great way to show your presence in the region. The … Read more

What is the best domain registrar for the .ai ccTLD?

.ai – The Domain Of The Future .  It’s now easy to register the top-choice domain for startups and artificial intelligence. As AI heats up in the startup world, .AI heats up in the domain world. AI literally translates into LOVE in Chinese. The Chinese are registering .AI in bulk. In our world, we are translating this into … Read more


Check availability of .MK domains ➜ Compare .mk registration prices from $25.18 to $161.69 .MK Domain Extension Introduction .MK is the Internet country code top-level domain name for the Republic of North Macedonia. It is administered by The Macedonian Academic Research Network (MARnet). This small country was once part of Yugoslavia, and after the war … Read more


Introducing the new extension .ST domain names will give you creative ideas Let’s start off by saying that this domain name ( .ST ) comes from a country that is the second smallest state in the whole of Africa. Its official name is Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe. They are discovered in the … Read more

.CI Domain extension – how to register a .ci domain name

Introduction to some Ivory Coast facts: Cote d’Ivoire is located in West Africa and its bordering countries include Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. The speaking language is French, being the French colony, but it became independent around 1960’s and this country is ruled by the president. It’s composed of 19 regions, and the capital … Read more