What points should be considered when buying a domain name for a startup business?

Buying a domain name for a startup business is no trivial task, and should be done carefully. A right decision at the right time can save you a lot of time and resources, while a bad one can cost you money and nerves in the long run. Your website domain name will be the address at which your clients arrive to do business so you should pay attention to this guide for important points that need to be considered.

A catchy and memorable domain that is easy on the tongue

The domain name of your choice must be easy to speak, spell and remember. Word hack combinations are ok as long as it makes sense to customers. The domain that is easy to speak and spell is also easy to type, eliminate the possibility for typing errors. Catchy domain means it is easy to remember and share with others, hence it will get more traffic and publicity.

Avoid long keyword domains

Considering good SEO some preference was given to keyword domains which lead to domains that have up to three keywords because it increased the search ranking for those words. This practice is no longer viable, and it may incur penalties with Google or other search engines.

Short domains are good

Why are short domains good? Because they are easy to spell, speak and remember. One or two words are an optimal choice. Even a one-word domain which may have no translation with international languages is ok as long as it makes sense. For example, Google is a one-word which made itself recognizable and with many foreign languages, it implies searching for something on the Internet.

Availability with Social Media

Yes, as you register a domain name you will want to keep that same branding for important Social Media, so make sure you have confirmed it is not taken by someone else on Facebook or Twitter for example. Consistent branding is important to your customers will expect that they can find you with the same identity on Social Media too.
Locally-oriented business

A company or a business which is focused on a specific region or local market may consider using a city or regional name words with their domain. This will help identify and geo-market while your customers will know they are at the right spot.

Domain extension choice

Marketing agencies still put emphasis at .COM domains as the most valuable, though there are a few issues that can advise otherwise. The main issue with .COM is namespace availability which is very saturated. A domain trader or a reseller may be holding your perfect domain name with a desire to make a large profit for holding it year-after-year.

Rather than spending a lot of money for a .COM domain we would recommend alternate choice with .IO domain which can provide high namespace availability and relevance. Because it is a popular choice among startups we may currently name it as the best choice. After your company has achieved financial fortitude you can think of purchasing the perfect .COM domain or a number of domains as a brand-protection strategy.


A new online business or existing business that wants to expand into online business sphere can follow this guide and making mistakes that will bring unnecessary expense down the road. Domain choice may be limited, though choosing a tried and true domain extension such as .IO is beneficial and cost-effective.