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Machine learning and deep learning are a hot topic in modern business and both are a subset of an application of artificial intelligence (AI). New, emerging technologies push different domain extensions to come into the spotlight. While we have witnessed the rise in popularity of .io as the go-to domain for tech startups, now with increased interest in machine learning the .ai domain is next.

The .ai domain is ccTLD for Caribbean island of Anguilla (British overseas territory) with intended use by entities connected with Anguilla.

Obviously, because AI is the synonym for artificial intelligence it has picked up popularity with companies in that field. Automation is a trending topic for the average consumer and many future products will offer some kind of “smart” or “AI” feature, and .ai really does fit that industry domain niche perfectly.

Currently, the .AI domain is the 11th most popular country code domain in North America, and largest part of its 5,000 domains registered are English language websites. One might say, it is the coolest newly popular domain on the market.

According to Wikipedia, there is a US$100 fee to become a registered user at Two-year registration period price is $100, while ordering requires a physical process with a faxed manual payment, and one to the three-month waiting period for the domain to become available.

However, because of its general purpose use, it has been internationalized since September 2009, though the .AI domain was available since 1995. Registering one is pretty much straightforward with any of the registrars, worldwide. As such the process of registration lasts only the time you need to fill out the registration form.

.AI domain name registration price as an expense is substantial, however still affordable and it adds additional value to the domain security as the registrants are indeed companies or business owners who will develop their websites. There have been little to no reports of websites dealing in illegal activities with .AI domain.

One of the more notable features of .AI domain is they hold an MX (mail exchanger) record, allowing mail to be delivered directly to “[email protected].”, while the email offer really depends on the registrar with which you make the domain registration.

Anguilla ai domain name