Artificial intelligence will fuel business rebound in 2021

A major global economy disruption we are experiencing now is caused by the pandemic, but even before that artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and automation have influenced widespread disruption in almost every industry.

Today we can confirm that there are no businesses or companies that are not affected either by much lower than expected business volume, or by having their workforce diminished due to pandemic.

Fact is, now more than before, businesses must introduce smarter ways to operate as the impact of AI will make it apparent that self-teaching algorithms and smart machines will play a big part toward their survival and success.

We would like to discuss a few ways how AI and machine learning can benefit your company in the near future.

Faster data analysis and smarter insights through Artificial Intelligence

Throughout 2020 we have witnessed how health organizations and academic centers, both local and global, have started collecting and sharing the information collected about this novel virus.

Analysing this data, for which the results we see daily with the news channels, has given insight to the spread over different regions.

There is no doubt that advancement in medical technology, in part made through Artificial Intelligence, is the main reason why mortality rates are much lower when compared to the 1918 Flu that decimated millions.

Artificial intelligence will quicken data analysis.

One such example is the dedicated search engine powered by natural language processing (AI) algorithms made for anyone investigating scientific and medical literature.

The AI algorithms that were made to process the enormous backlog of pandemic cases will help with accelerated adoption of AI across many other areas of healthcare.

Business prediction and rebound in 2021

What we have witnessed in 2020 was not a move, but a stampede toward digital technologies.

The way that we live and work has changed, and for some businesses it has accelerated the application of different digital technologies and trends, forcing businesses to indulge into online retail or services.

The main goal of Artificial Intelligence prediction is to help businesses understand the behaviour their customers will exhibit in the new found conditions.

Different AI tools and platforms will enable businesses to find digital channels for their services and products. Companies that apply such tools inhouse will become more successful in 2021 and establish a competitive edge.

Artificial Intelligence data synthesis

It is important to understand that getting the right information on time makes all the difference.

Machine learning and deep learning have introduced methods to train AI with real-world data and project (synthesize) possible future events before they actually occur in the real world.

Artificial Intelligence systems will make such simulations fast, while companies can use this data to make their business operations more efficient.

AI powered devices will increase worker efficiency

We already have AI-powered watches, smart phones, but other devices and solutions can help speed-up real-time work.

The overall cost of implementing AI with devices will be even less in 2021 and there will be an increase in the devices that offer intelligent operation and automation.

A continued creation of devices that use low-power processors, such as those present in smartphones, combined with increasing interest in automation by users will result in the elimination of time-consuming tasks.

AI will boost cybersecurity

In the future AI will be able to predict if a transaction is fraudulent or not thus preventing all types of cybercrimes.

The unresolved presidential elections in the US, with the claims of electronic vote thefts, are a clear sign just how important cybersecurity is.

Artificial Intelligence can enable strong cybersecurity solutions, from tracking and preventing to improvising the algorithms and making them more advanced.


The future of any business will benefit from applied Artificial Intelligence devices and technologies. AI will be able to improve customer support, client communications, data interpretation, better insights and improved decisions.

Current global state of pandemic will quicken these trends as companies will fight for a higher position on the market and set a new benchmark for how businesses can improve themselves.

In 2021 automation and accurate data availability will allow all industries to thrive with AI.